As of this writing, poker is the world’s most popular card game. According to some estimates, more than 100 million people play poker regularly, both professionally and recreationally. It is both a strategy and a social game because it blends strategic obstacles with psychological factors.

The game of poker necessitates the establishment of a foundation. Only once the foundation and all structural parts are in place can the finishing touches be added. Are your bearings before you get swept up in the euphoria of online gaming? You should always do your homework to prevent getting duped. Even though poker is normally a safe game, please see the list below for a full discussion of five various ways you could be ripped off online.


Collusion is when two or more players secretly work together to improve one player’s chances of winning. Colluding at a poker table is time-consuming and difficult, and it is primarily done at higher-limit tables. Hole cards and plays can be transmitted through phone or email when playing online.

There is also a less obvious form of cooperation. This occurs when experienced players in the bubble of a tournament band together to eliminate players with lesser stacks. Collusion is a kind of fraud, and poker clubs expressly ban it in their terms and conditions.

Bots for Poker:

Bots are poker-playing computer programmes that substantially lower your odds of winning. Polaris is one of the most well-known bots, and programmes like this are incredibly complex and replicate human interaction, making them difficult to trace or identify. Fortunately, there are a few ways to recognise a poker bot, such as:

  • Playing online for long periods without taking a break
  • Winning hands that are consistent and consecutive
  • Mouse movements and reaction times
  • Programs that run in the background


One of the most well-known cheating strategies is ghosting. It impacts both brick-and-mortar and internet poker rooms. This occurs when a player in a poker tournament or game offers advice to another player. Having a live coach dramatically minimises the danger of tilt. Ghosting is highly prohibited in live events, and it might be difficult to avoid when playing online.


Players can only have one real money account with an online poker club at a time. They gain an unfair edge by opening many real money poker accounts at a single location since they can pretend to be different participants in a poker game to boost their chances of winning. This is known as multi-accounting, and if detected, a player will be suspended, and their bankroll will be kept.

Accounts for Super-Users:

After a big scandal in 2007, in which an employee at a well-known poker establishment with a super-user account was able to access a gambling site’s poker server and see the hole cards, situations like these have never happened again. The gist of it is that knowing your opponents’ hole cards could help you avoid losing any hands. When such players fold, raise, or go all in, they will know just when to do it.

I hope this helped you comprehend the many cheating methods. Even if you can’t do much to avoid being a victim of some of these tactics, you can still have a safe and fair gaming experience at most reputable poker sites.

Always check that a respected and stringent gambling regulator licences the poker site you chose.

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